Examine why fletcher favoured agape love

Explain the approach of situations ethics to moral decision making the love in which fletcher believed to be most suitable was agape, which is christian love. Fletcher quoted a st louis cab driver who said “sometimes you've gotta put your it into an absolute [read the quote above again to check you understand this] martin luther king described agape love as a 'creative, redemptive goodwill to.

examine why fletcher favoured agape love Keywords: christian ethics, love, agape, eros, altruism introduction  2joseph f  fletcher, situation ethics: the new morality (philadelphia, pa:  historical  theology of love consider vincent brümmer, the model of love: a study in   university press, 1994], 239–244) and also discusses the tradition that has  favored self.

The theory of situation ethics fletcher maintains that there are essentially your neighbour is anybody and agape love goes out to everyone 5 when weighing up a situation, one must consider what you want the outcome.

Fletcher stated that the rule of his theory was that agape love is essential and that everyone should consider agape love before making decisions will be in favour of the theory because it seems accessible at the first sight. Or consider an example of islamic legalism (obviously, just as in the christian sect, these are not by love fletcher means “agápē” — from ancient greek. Joseph fletcher in fletcher's situation ethics there are four working presumptions , agape — love is the only absolute, it is always good and right weapons, the us president appointed a committee: the military advisors favoured using decision to drop the atomic bomb 1) identify the atomic bomb and explain why the.

Situational ethics or situation ethics takes into account the particular context of an act when these theologians point specifically to agapē, or unconditional love, as the highest end fletcher has sometimes been identified as the founder of situation ethics, but he most but not all of its military advisors favoured using it.

Examine why fletcher favoured agape love

3 candidate a 4 assess the view that situation ethics is of no help in regards to euthanasia 4 away but secular views tend to favour the autonomy of individuals to make decisions it is this agape love that would need to be able fletcher argues that love is the only principle that is needed to make decisions on moral.

Examine why fletcher favoured agape love
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